Fan Fiction





  1. Your story must take place in the Star Wars universe, or your story must be a Star Wars crossover. This is a Star Wars archive. Actorfic and RPS are not permitted.
  2. Your story cannot be rated above R. We do not accept NC-17 rated stories.
  3. If your story is slash then label it as such in your summary. Slash is accepted (so long as it is below NC-17) but we ask that you be considerate to those who do not read slash, and make it easy to find for those who do.

Note that stories which do not meet the required guidelines will be removed.


  1. Get a Beta to edit your story before you publish it. If your story is archived and it is fraught with misspellings, misuse of punctuation, and misplaced modifiers, then it reflects poorly on you. A Beta doesn't only help with grammar and spelling, but also with characterizations and plot-holes. Having someone else look over your story first can never hurt it, and will, at least 99.99% of the time, improve it.
  2. If you are archiving an unfinished or multipart story, please title your story as "My New Story 1/?," "My New Story 2/3," etc. This will make it easier for readers to go from one part to the next.
  3. Write a summary for your story and paste it into the appropriate place on the upload form. Many of the old stories archived here don't have summaries, but a good summary is one of the best ways to draw in readers who aren't familiar with your work.
  4. If your story is above 300 KB you may want to break it into two or three chunks for archiving ("My New Story 1/2"), as our servers may time out during long uploads.

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